EnerWe Green International 
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EnerWe International Solutions 

Our International model includes working with two set of partners: 

1. Our US based SEM technology provider partners & Suppliers

2. Our local representatives

With the support of our partners, EnerWe Green International engineers advanced technological and data driven solutions to our clients within residential, commercial as well as industrial market sectors. 

EnerWe International Services 

        • Energy Asset Management 
        • Energy Efficiency Solutions
        • Energy Sustainability and Renewable Energy Solutions
        • E&P: Engineering and Procurement
        • Consulting 

What is Smart Energy Management?

  • Energy: Any source of utility such as: Electricity, Natural Gas, Oil, Water, Wind, Sun, Biogas, etc. 

  • Energy Management: Any and all actionable measures taken to manage the generation, distribution and consumption of any energy consuming or energy generating asset through the following actions;

1. Monitor
2. Analyze
3. Control
4. Modify/Adjust 
5. Save
6. Optimize

  • Smart Energy Management: Applying internet of things (IoT) to the existing Building Automation System (BAS) or Building Management System (BMS), and taking advantage of the data generated to allow for real time Management of Energy Assets within the facility

(Smart Energy Management Technology is Your Buildings’ Brain, converting buildings’ data inputs into actionable tasks, improving your buildings overall Operation & Maintenance, Asset Management, Cost of Operation and ultimately Annual Cost savings from Energy Efficiency.)

Other benefits of SEM technology is the ability of energy assets to be connected and communicating through the control system. Facilities with Renewable Resource can then balance their energy generation with their energy capacity requirement. 

SEM Applications in Diverse Market Sectors

  • Hospitality

  • Education 

  • Health Care Facility

  • Retail 

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Manufacturing / Industrial Processes